About Us

Payvand Industrial Group was established in 1997 with the aim of providing services to all the industries relevance to the industrial belts.

 For that matter we obtained representative of the most prestigious global companies such as Habasit from Switzerland to provide the conveyor and power transmission belts that leads us to establish Payvand Industrial Belts factory in 2010.

  At the present, In an area of over 2000 m² , the Payvand Industrial Belts Factory is equipped with the latest preparation devices and is the largest manufacturer company of  the power transmission and conveyor belts of it's kind.

  From 2010 till now we are developing our services by the newest devices and production as below details:
1- PTFE teflon mesh and teflon tape (Dryer Belt)
2- Polyester mesh and polyester convetor belt (Dewatering Belt)
3- Felt sheet and felt tube (Kevlar & PBU)
4- steel filter mesh and steel conveyor belt
5- Industrial rubber and PU timing belt and V belt

 Also, Payvand Pardazeh Gostar, provides commercial services related to Payvand Industrial Belts and is the largest importer of loom Spares for Starlinger & Lohia Woven sack Circular Looms with the representation of Perfect from India in the country.

 For that goal, Payvand Industrial Group was formed and in order to meet with your requirement promptly.

We do our best to achieve your satisfaction.